Exercise in Virtual Reality, Part 3

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Chris Ross returns to the show to discuss skill building and muscle memory in VR. We asked ourselves if training in VR translates to tangible skill in the real world. The answers may surprise you!

Shinjuku Phoenix: A Story of Rebirth and Neon Mystery

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Traveling to Japan changed his entire world view. This is a story of compassion, vulnerability, and rebirth. Follow along as Aubrey rediscovers his core passion while adventuring down alleys of neon mystery in Tokyo.

Exercise in Virtual Reality, Part 2

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Chris Ross returns to the show for a second round of verbal sparring, from muay thai training to shadowboxing. With BoxVR and Beat Saber and a heathy dose of mindfulness, you can see dramatic improvements in your skill. These games offer a compelling example of coaching techniques applied to a training routine in virtual reality. The real world results speak for themselves.