World Water Fight

Listen now: World Water Fight

Gregg Hilferding joins the show to talk about an excellent summer fun event, called World Water Fight, happening August 9th 2014. Get together in the park and fight your friends with water guns. And because we’re geeks, we’re taking it a step farther and considering concepts for modifying drones to be self-targeting water bombers. Check out for more info

Fostering Entrepreneurial Success

Listen now: Fostering Entrepreneurial Success

JJ Roberts of Tampa Bay Innovation Center joins us to tell stories of his startup endeavors, including an insider’s view of Y Combinator. What does it take to build a sustainable ecosystem where startup companies of all kinds can thrive? Leadership in a culture of collaboration.

Ignite Tampa 2014

Listen now: Ignite Tampa 2014

This week, we recap Ignite Tampa 2014, an event where twenty people each share their story in 20 slides, each auto-advancing every 15sec. The goal is to make you think, make you cry, and inspire you to take action to improve your life and the lives of others. Aubrey spoke about vulnerability as a lifestyle choice, not as a position of weakness, but as one of strength through adaptation, openness, and perseverance. Both Aubrey and Justin have spoken at past Ignite events.