Season 3 Premieres This Week

We are proud to announce the next season of Distilled. The past two years with Justin Davis have been amazing and thoroughly entertaining. We could not be more proud of him for his success at gr8code, an education startup teaching people to make robust and engaging products. Justin is a natural teacher, and an excellent public speaker, and we are just so very excited to see him thrive in the classroom. Unfortunately, it means he will be leaving the show.

We are equally proud to introduce our new cohost, Charles Gallant. Charles brings a new energy to the show, with his many years of expertise as a user experience and visual designer. Like Justin, Charles is a multi talented guy who can wax poetic with the best designers around, just as well as he can go toe-to-toe with just about any web developer. He has the heart of a cowboy, though he’ll never admit it. You’re gonna love him!

The first episode of the new year airs this week. We have some incredible topics coming this year, continuing some past threads in 3d printing, product development, and design; and including some new topics in robotics and gaming. It’s gonna be a great year. Stay tuned!


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